Elizabeth Traina, Artist [client]

Elizabeth Traina, Artist [client]

"Elisa is a vibrant, talented, and capable creative writer, thinker and spirit. I’ve worked with Elisa in various capacities. In all of these capacities, Elisa is consistent with an energy and quality of character that is relaxed, attentive, open, flexible and thorough. Simply put, she helps me develop my work better, achieving greater clarity, allowing me to present my content accurately and proudly.

Elisa creates an experience where I have confidence in her ability to understand what needs to be said and the best way to say it, allowing my ideas to flourish. Elisa works with me to craft various writing materials relative to my brand. She supports me with website development, copy development, newsletters, project descriptions and grant opportunities. She assists me in articulating and generating content by holding a fluid space for my ideas to be heard.

Her professional services are anchored in a professional work style available and flexible to move with the rhythm of her clients and that enables a really good partnership. Elisa knows how to balance the delicate art of hearing your voice while chiming in, adding on, and reconfiguring, so that it speaks at the top of it’s intelligence in print. Her writing style and skills as a copy editor are developed, intelligent, lush and hit the target: they are on point. Elisa has certainly attracted more business and has helped my business flourish. She is a partner in my process that I can rely on and trust."

- Elizabeth Traina, Artist [client]